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Ambassador Karim at East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute (ECSFRI)

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In a significant presentation held at the East China Sea Fisheries Research Institution in Shanghai, Ambassador Karim of the Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone in Beijing, PRC shared insights into the collaborative efforts between China and Sierra Leone in terms of Fisheries resource survey towards bolstering cooperation in sustainable fisheries management between the two nations.


Ambassador Karim expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the program, emphasizing the importance of the conversation regarding the cooperation on fisheries resource surveys between China and Sierra Leone.

Highlighting the significance of the collaboration, Ambassador Karim shed light on the joint efforts between Sierra Leonean scientists and the East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute (ECSFRI) in conducting fisheries resource surveys. Those surveys conducted from April 2019 to June 2021, yielded valuable data on demersal and pelagic fishery resources thereby providing essential insights for scientific management and conservation efforts.



The Ambassador noted that the survey results have already begun to contribute to the scientific management of fisheries in Sierra Leone as the report suggests 10 new species have been discovered. He stressed the importance of continuous monitoring and surveys to adapt management measures effectively, ensuring the sustainable development of the fisheries sector.

Moreover, Ambassador Karim highlighted the broader context of China-Sierra Leone relations. He mentioned President Dr. Julius Maada Bio’s recent State visit to China, during which discussions on agricultural issues including fisheries technology and infrastructure development took place. Those discussions underscored the commitment of both nations into deepening cooperation for mutual benefit.

Looking ahead, Ambassador Karim emphasized the need for continuous collaboration with ECSFRI to conduct comprehensive surveys on principal fish stocks in Sierra Leone. These surveys will serve as a foundation for the formulation of rational conservation and management policies, crucial for the long-term sustainability of fisheries resources.


In closing, Ambassador Karim expressed gratitude to ECSFRI for their collaboration and underscored the importance of continued support from the Chinese government in the development of Sierra Leone’s fisheries sector. He reiterated the necessity of joint efforts in this critical field, emphasizing the shared responsibility in ensuring the sustainable management of fisheries resources.


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